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The Benefits Of FinancialForce ERP At A Glance

FinancialForce, a leading provider of cloud enterprise resource planning (ERP), provides both front-end and back-end functionality that allows businesses to customize the system according to their specific business requirements.

To gain a clear and complete understanding of this end-to-end resource planning solution, let’s dive into just a few of the countless benefits of FinancialForce ERP.

Advantages Of FinancialForce ERP

Ease of Use

Highly customizable and easy to use, FinancialForce ERP results in a higher ROI simply by allowing users to invest less time in learning the ERP software right off the bat. Additionally, the flexibility and scalability of the tool allow for quick adaptation to any business model and unique process allowing your team to focus on fewer work-arounds. Furthermore, FinancialForce ERP customization can be built entirely using the "clicks not codes" principle and integrations are easier than ever with the help of the Salesforce AppExchange platform.


It is extremely easy to access financial data in FinancialForce ERP via the financial reporting tools and dashboards. Using this feature, you can quickly track key performance indicators (KPIs) to make informed decisions about so many different aspects of your business.

Ease Of Compliance & Audit

When it comes to the benefits of FinancialForce ERP, the ease of compliance and audit stands out from the rest. FinancialForce helps with documentation, automated audit trails, and linked conversations. Moreover, you can leverage FinancialForce ERP to automatically track critical metrics often reviewed by auditors and the likeaudit fields. Transactional evidence like comments, files, and scanned documents, and general ledger history can be viewed in a single place.


Since all data gets stored in a unified place, it becomes easier to generate both customized and standard reports. Furthermore, ad hoc inquiries can be easily acquired through FinancialForce ERP. Looking for more customized reporting? Not a problem using customized dashboards and tailored trend analysis. Additionally, reports and dashboards are responsive and completely mobile-friendly on a variety of devices.

Communication & Collaboration

FinancialForce ERP allows your teams to instantly communicate with each other via the Chatter app to break down departmental barriers. Easily ask questions, share information, and send progress updates within the platform itself improves response times that allows businesses to build strong knowledge, networks, and resources across departments.

Out-of-the-box mobile apps

Available on both Android and iOS, FinancialForce's mobile apps can be leveraged to help users quickly access their account information using tablets and mobile devices. They can help users enter timecards remotely and collaborate in the field and on the go.

Eliminates Data Duplication

Data discrepancies and duplication can be easily avoided by businesses as FinancialForce ERP eliminates the requirement of maintaining multiple record systems. As a result, the solution is error-free, efficient and clean customer data. Businesses can leverage the benefits of FinancialForce ERP to analyze Big Data.

Grows with the business

An end-to-end solution, FinancialForce ERP helps businesses improve and grow with the rapidly changing times. It comes enriched with a comprehensive set of out-of-the-box features such as supply chain management, finance & accounting, reporting, and human resources. This highly flexible and scalable ERP solution helps you keep up with increasing demands.

The team of certified FinancialForce ERP experts at Cloud Journey Consulting Group can help you alleviate the challenges and complexities associated with FinancialForce ERP implementation. Call or email us now to find out how your organization can leverage the seamless FinancialForce ERP platform for both front-end and back-end operations.

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