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All About FinancialForce - Benefits Of Cloud ERP And PSA Systems

Innovation is critical to growth. After all, the faster your business can innovate, the faster it can accomplish its goals and objectives. However, traditional on-site Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Professional Services Automation (PSA) systems may prove too rigid to keep up with evolving business practices and technology. For that reason, the cloud has become the preferred SaaS ERP and PSA software development option regardless of business size, and at the top of that space is FinancialForce.

About FinancialForce

FinancialForce can be described as a customer-centric, end-to-end Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Professional Services Automation (PSA) solution that is built entirely on the state-of-the-art and seamless Salesforce platform. FinancialForce is a separately owned product in the ecosystem, and it isn't a division or product of Salesforce.

If your organization is already on the platform, FinancialForce would be the natural step to integrate financial and project management. One of the biggest advantages of FinancialForce is that it helps you swiftly and seamlessly move from sales-focused activities to billing and project management, to invoicing and financial management, without ever leaving the Salesforce environment.

FinancialForce also helps you gain unprecedented visibility into your organization across finance, sales, and services. This helps you keep projects on time, reports up to date, and ultimately, customers happy - all on the #1 cloud platform from Salesforce. For instance, FinancialForce helps you identify the right people with the right skills at the right time for the right projects to optimize people deployment.

Furthermore, the FinancialForce PSA software helps your sales and service teams work in complete sync via shared views of the opportunity pipeline, trustworthy revenue & resource forecasts, and automated opportunities to project transformation while keeping all stakeholders informed. You can even leverage FinancialForce to find out what's happening across your entire service practice, including but not limited to resource demand, customer interactions, project status, risks, and more.

Additionally, you can even leverage FinancialForce PSA software to access comprehensive project-related financials, including budgets, revenue bookings, rate realization, billing, and backlog helping you make quick and sound decisions and adjustments as needed without driving up administrative costs. Whether you’re looking for greater visibility between sales and services or you want to break down silos, FinancialForce provides the tools necessary to get the job done.

Need help with FinancialForce customization to meet your business's specific needs? Through deployment and beyond, our team of FinancialForce customization experts will work with you to weed out manual processes and inefficiencies. This helps you avoid cumbersome customization and gain an edge over your competitors. We help you leverage FinancialForce customization so your organization can easily access world-class software and technology without the capital constraints of onsite systems. We also make it easier for your organization to leverage innovation while incorporating customer-proven best practices into your processes and systems to drive and extend business value - more than you may expect.

Please feel free to reach out to us at Cloud Journey Consulting Group. Our team of FinancialForce experts is here to guide you throughout the process - right from evaluation to implementation and beyond.


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