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5 Ways CRM Software Can Help You Create Better Marketing Campaigns

It seems like consumers are bombarded with hundreds, if not thousands, of offers and messages on every platform daily. The good news – marketing is becoming more intelligent and more intuitive so messages are specifically tailored, relevant and engaging. The goal is to present unique material and experiences to consumers in an effort to grab attention, make an impact and ultimately snuff out their competition. Additionally, with the use of social media, marketers of all types (influencers, bloggers, vloggers, etc.) are able to inexpensively promote their brand ad nauseam.

Eric Schmidt, the former CEO of Google, once quoted that more content is now getting created in 48 hours than all the content produced between the dawn of time up until 2003. Interestingly, Science Daily claimed that a whopping 90 percent of all the data in our world has been generated over the last few years. It is worth remembering here that WordPress users alone publish at least 347 blog posts every minute.

But is this really the right way to win consumers over? Do followers always equal success?

Farewell to a one-size-fits-all approach

Customers today have become increasingly tech-savvy and discerning with the spread of social media channels and the rapid boom of modern technology. They know exactly what they want, they have a wide range of choices to choose from, and they tastes are particular. Instead, they demand diverse, innovative, and personalized ways to engage with brands, products, and services – the one-size-fits-all approach of the past doesn't work anymore!

Customers today will not take a second more to leave a website that doesn't have offers, content, or advertisements of their interests. On top of this, they will even leave their feedback or review on social media channels if they're unhappy with a brand or its products and services. So, what does this mean for marketers? It means that being proactive, relative and present is the only road to success, and choosing a CRM system that helps stay on top of the game is paramount.

CRM software can help you create better marketing campaigns and improve your marketing initiatives in different ways:

1. Focused Targeting

Every marketer wants to concentrate on creating and conveying engaging, unique, and relevant brand messages but their efforts may circle the drain if they aren't approaching the right prospects at the right time and place. It, therefore, becomes important to consider breaking your customer information into small groups for focused targeting.

Fortunately, CRM software allows marketers to effortlessly sift through contacts and quickly target warm leads, hot leads, and potentially profitable customers. CRM software includes a wide range of information on customer preferences and behavior that helps in formulating smart, time-sensitive, and informed decisions that will enhance prospect awareness and customer satisfaction.

2. Segmentation

A good marketer is not only reactive and able to draw lines from their brand to current events and pop culture, but also proactive in nature. Being able to notice common trends early on is key to success and responsible for start-ups are flourishing almost immediately in today’s setting.

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Today's marketers want to segment their audiences by job role, demographics, company size, and customer data about recent activities, responses, e-mails opened, e-mails replied, personal likes and dislikes, and even social media activity. A more accurate profile of potential customers gives marketers the opportunity to discovery and exploit trends in particular segments. For instance, if you are using B2B email marketing, the segmentation of your customer base will help grow revenue and you’re sure to notice a significant improvement in all email marketing metrics.

3. Personalized Marketing Content

Personalized content is better perceived and more relevant. Personally-relevant branded content has the potential to positively influence customers and how they feel and perceive a brand. With a CRM, marketers can individualize their marketing messages by addressing customers by, not only their name but, calling out assets that they’ve interacted with.

Personalized marketing content is incredibly powerful!

  • Stronger brand perception

  • Improved response rates

  • Increased revenue

  • Consistency across multiple channels

  • Improved customer experiences

  • Target specific customers

  • Makes Conversion Easier

  • Builds a passionate audience

  • Improves lead nurturing

  • Improves sales calls

  • Helps create marketing appreciated by customers

4. Recycle the blueprint

Wouldn't it be great if once you found your brand’s recipe for success, you could just replicate and tweak?

With CRM software, you can quickly analyze all of your campaigns to determine which were successful and what made them winners. This takes out the guesswork so you can focus only on the best-performing campaigns. Taking out the guesswork allows you to rinse-and-repeat or trash entirely and go in a different direction.

5. Better accountability

With CRM, reporting functionality makes it easy to track returns and outreach of your marketing activities and engagement of your assets. With such insight we’re able to build more powerful and purposeful strategies and make better decisions to improve the response rate. Resources are spent more wisely since we know how our time and money is being spent and at the same time lead conversion is increasing!

With a CRM, it will be easy for you to engage with your prospects and customers on a more one-to-one level and anticipate what they really want and how you can happily surprise them by knowing what they are interested in.

Need help with how to use your CRM software to create and nurture engaging and profitable marketing campaigns? Contact Cloud Journey Consulting Group now to find out how you can experience the abovementioned advantages by accessing world-class Salesforce CRM implementation and support services

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