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20 Reasons Live Chat Can Help You Grow Your Business in 2022

Imagine that you're shopping online and come across something that you absolutely need to have. You've been scouring stores and online outlets for weeks and you've finally found what you've been looking for. You've read the reviews and taken a look at the product specs and description but you're still hesitant. You want reassurances that the description is accurate or you have just a few questions that would make you confident in your purchase. So what do you do? Do you head straight to the checkout page and worry about a return later? Do you aimlessly dig around the website looking for information? Do you call the customer support team in hopes that this will be a helpful and timely conversation?

But what if there was an easy and quick solution - Live Chat?

Live Chat is an exceptional customer service and brand awareness tool that can help your customers find instant and relevant answers to their queries, doubts, and concerns. It's no wonder most online shoppers prefer to chat with customer service in real-time instead of waiting for countless hours and engaging in endless back-and-forth email conversations. Everybody wins with live chat services! Customers get instant replies, the customer support team is burdened less and can focus on other core activities, and your organization gets sales 24/7/365 while benefiting from improved customer satisfaction, increased sales, growing profits, and improved customer loyalty.

Here are 20 jaw-dropping facts about live chat and how it's perceived by the masses:

  1. 73% of customers are of the view that live chat is a far superior option to other forms of customer support like telephone, email, or social media.

  2. 83% of customers required live support for assistance during an online purchase.

  3. 94% of customers who were proactively invited to a chat discussion were delighted with their live chat experience.

  4. 62% of customers were more likely to purchase products online if there was an option of live customer support.

  5. Live chat assistance reduces the abandonment of shopping carts by as much as 30% which means sales.

  6. 63% of customers reported they were more likely to revisit a website offering live chat.

  7. 79% of respondents in a survey revealed that they preferred live chat as quick answers were received by them.

  8. Live chat results in a 48% increase in revenue per chat hour and a 40% increase in conversion rate.

  9. More than 41% of customers expect live chat on your website.

  10. A study by AMA revealed that live chat can improve marketing awareness by 29%, early-stage sales development by 32%, and post-sales customer support by 39%.

  11. Customers can get replies to their queries in two minutes (average response time) as compared to 12 hours for emails and 10 hours for social media.

  12. 45% of US consumers are of the view that they will simply abandon an online transaction if their concerns or questions are not addressed promptly.

  13. Organizations utilizing live chats report up to a 70% deflection rate from phone to live chat support.

  14. 38% of customers stated that they purchased a product because of a good live chat session.

  15. 90% of customers find the overall concept of live chat helpful.

  16. 29% of consumers have shared their positive live chat experiences with their family, friends, or colleagues.

  17. 79% of businesses are of the view that live chat has had a positive impact on their revenue, sales, and customer loyalty.

  18. Satisfaction levels with live chat are 73% compared to 44% for phone and 61% for email.

  19. The average resolution time for live chats is not more than 42 seconds for a query to be answered.

  20. Live chat increases profits by 25-95% and customer retention rates by 5%.

In a world where this type of seamless communication is expected and pleasantly received, can you afford not to offer a live chat option on your website?

If you're interested in expanding into the world of Live Chat, Cloud Journey can help answer your questions about implementation and execution.


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