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Why Your Organization Needs a Mobile CRM Strategy

Mobile usage is growing at an unprecedented pace and sales teams across the world are firing on all cylinders to meet and bring potential customers on board. For this reason, and countless others, it is absolutely necessary to merge your mobile sales force and mobile device to become a Mobile Customer Relationship Management (CRM).

Let dive into why it makes sense to adopt a thoughtful mobile CRM strategy and how to get started with Mobile Customer Relationship Management.

What is a Mobile CRM?

Mobile Customer Relationship Management can be described as a powerful CRM tool that is designed for mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones. Using mobile CRM solutions, your sales teams can quickly access customer data via a mobile CRM application or even through a web-based browser.

It does make sense to leverage the power of mobile CRM as evident from the massive growth of global internet traffic for mobile devices from just 4.7% to 50.03% percent during 2011 to 2020, and a mobile CRM helps you explore this massive audience.

Benefits Of Mobile CRM

A Mobile CRM also helps your sales reps, customer service team, and field service staff to manage customer relationships with just a few clicks by responding quickly and easily to time-sensitive requests, complaints, and inquiries. This ultimately helps your organization garner more prospects, improve brand awareness and acceptability, and boost customer loyalty.

Mobile CRM solutions help your sales reps by providing access to critical and real-time customer data that allows them to save countless hours and divert those "saved" hours to productive initiatives.

It can help them:

  • Plan their day productively with calendar integration

  • Open and share files

  • Dial into client meetings with click-to-call

  • Quickly access and update contacts, leads, proposals, and opportunities

  • Access dashboards, CRM data, and analytics at fingertips

  • Spend more time on core activities and less on administrative tasks

  • Deliver personalized, amazing customer experiences

Introducing mobile CRM to your sales team can be a game-changer. A Mobile CRM, unlike traditional CRM solutions, eliminates the requirement to be physically present in the office or at the workstation whenever new customer information is collected by the sales team. This helps organizations effortlessly allocate resources, coordinate calendars, and manage a wide range of projects at any time and from anywhere - giving your team the ability to seamlessly update and synchronize real-time information on the move. This, in turn, helps sales reps identify more prospects, communicate better with leads, avoid losing potential opportunities, garner new clients, close more deals, boost profits, and nurture existing customer relationships.

With the right mobile CRM platform, you can experience the amazing potential of customized mobile apps whose benefits extend beyond traditional communication platforms to smart and out-of-the-box internet-enabled components. A reliable mobile CRM platform such as Salesforce with seamless application programming interfaces (APIs) capable of empowering integration with almost any device from any location can create extraordinary new possibilities.

Interested in finding out how you can reap these and other benefits of mobile CRM? Call Cloud Journey Consulting Group now!

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